Question: My Skin itches and I can’t sleep.  Can you help?

Low Indoor Humidity can create issues.  Beyond the obvious static shock, low indoor humidity can create breathing discomfort, dry skin, and dry sinuses.  Conditions worsen as temperatures outdoors fall below freezing and the Indoor Humidity drops below 40%.  Even though the humidity outdoors is high, when cool moist air is heated, the relative humidity falls, and the amount of moisture it needs to be comfortable is increased.  When it is extremely cold outside, the humidity indoors can fall to uncomfortable levels. Superheating the air with a gas furnace exacerbates the problem.  Adding a whole house Humidifier to the Heating System will raise the relative humidity to acceptable levels.  We recommend Aprilaire Whole House Humidifiers.  We will check out your system and properly size and select the right humidifier to meet the moisture needs of your home.  Happy Breathing!


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