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Feeling confident in your skills to install that New Thermostat?

Seems easy enough, right? We have been called in many times when the Home Owner attempts to install a new thermostat. Usually the problem is associated with proper wire identification, or extra terminals on the thermostat. It’s not always as easy as the Big Box Stores lead you to believe. Every Manufacturers terminals can be labeled different.


    Take a picture of the old thermostat wiring before removing it.
    Make certain you are sure before attempting to do the job yourself. A simple thermostat replacement gone bad can result in parts blown up back at the unit. This can be costly.
    Some older Furnaces do not use a common wire on the Thermostat. It will be important to know if your new thermostat needs one and if there is one available.
    Heat Pump Thermostats can be more difficult to select and install than the average home owner should attempt.
    You must get the proper wires on the proper terminals. Often the information sent with the new thermostat is unclear.
    Cheap thermostats are not good thermostats. You get what you pay for.
    Call Foothills Mechanical Service at 865-856-0030 if you are uncertain. A $70 Service Call could save you some real headaches.


For all your HVAC needs, Call us today!

865-856-0030 (Blount, Knox, Loudon, Sevier, Monroe Counties)


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