Should I have my Heat Pump Serviced before cold weather arrives?

Some Heat Pump Maintenance things you can do:

- Clean debris out from around the Heat Pump. Over the summer leaves, limbs, sticks and trash may be collecting around your Heat Pump. Clear out around the unit.

- Look down in the unit below the fan. If you see a collection of debris, it should be removed. If you are comfortable with turning off the power and taking the fan off to get to this area, do it yourself. If not, call us.

- Rinse the outdoor coil with water. Turn off the power before you do this. Be careful not to damage the soft aluminum fins on the coil.

- Check and/or change the air filters inside.

- Turn on the power and Startup up the Heat Pump from the thermostat.

- Look and Listen for signs of problems. If you see or hear anything unusual, call Foothills Mechanical Service at 865-856-0030 for help.


Some Heat Pumps Service that should be done by a Certified Heating and Cooling Technician:

- Check Contactors, Capacitors and Electrical Components

- Check Refrigerant Charge on Heat Pumps

- Run diagnostic checks on electronic boards and components

- Check the operation of the defrost

- Check the operation of the electric strip heat

- Repair/Replace Components

- Verify that your Heat Pump System is running at top performance


Foothills Mechanical Service is here to help. Call us at 865-856-0030 to schedule a fall Tune Up on your Heat Pump.


Heat Pump Repairs should only be done by a professional. It may cost you a little up front to do your Heat Pump Maintenance, but it could save you from some high electric bills this winter.


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